Why Wendy’s Canada gave its iconic redhead mascot gray hair

The Canadian division of the fast food giant published new profile picture on his Thursday’s Twitter feed that gave Wendy’s iconic red braids in a soft gray shade. Company published an image with the hashtags #LisaLaFlamme and #NewProfilePic and the caption “Because a star remains a star regardless of hair color” using two star emojis. On Saturday, the video received over 45,000 likes.

LaFlamme has worked for Bell Media as a reporter and news anchor for CTV National News for over 30 years, the last 11 as an anchor. She revealed this month that she was told on June 29 that her contract was ending, leading to the abrupt end of her networking career.

In a video posted on Twitter on August 15, LaFlamme said she was “overwhelmed” by the decision to let her go and that “leaving CTV in a way I didn’t choose was devastating.”

The news that her contract had not been renewed caused an uproar in Canada, where it was alleged that her decision to stop dyeing her hair blonde during the pandemic was a major factor in the company’s decision. “At 58, I still thought I would have a lot more time to tell more stories that impact our daily lives,” LaFlamme said in the video.

AT statementBell Media president and CEO Mirko Bibic said LaFlamme’s hair color had nothing to do with the company’s decision to fire her. “That’s not the case,” he said, adding that the company is conducting an independent review.

CNN has reached out to Bell Media for comment.

Bell Media CEO Michael Melling on holiday from the company after It is reported by The Globe and Mail. that he asked who approved the decision to “turn Lisa’s hair gray”. Melling, vice president of CTV’s parent company Bell Media, took over news in January. He was the one who told LaFlamme that she would no longer play a role on the newscast.
Wendy’s is not the only brand in Canada to support LaFlamme. Although the former news anchor is not specifically named, Dove Canada launched a campaign last week asked her followers to change their grayscale profile picture and donated $100,000 to an organization that advocates for inclusive jobs for women.
The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Twitter account retweeted its cover. this year’s swimwear release starring Mae MuskElon Musk’s mother, who also has gray hair, commenting: “We go gray with @Dove in support of women who age confidently on their own terms.”
Dove Twitter account in Canada answered to Wendy’s tweet with one of her own: “Looks nice, Wendy!” said with the hashtag #KeepTheGrey. On Saturday, he had nearly 6,000 likes.

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