US troops in Germany banned from drinking alcohol after scooter incidents

According to John Tomassi, US Army spokesman for Europe, all five soldiers were together on the July 4 weekend when they were charged with exceeding the legal limit of alcohol. He added that the army is investigating the incident.

According to Tomassi, the entire 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, which includes about 3,000 soldiers, has been told they can no longer spend nights outside the base, and drinking is prohibited until the entire unit has been trained to observe German drunk driving laws. . Training will most likely end this weekend.

The military edition of Stars and Stripes was be the first to report the brigade’s actions and the decision to revoke privileges.

The unit, based in Fort Stewart, Georgia, was deployed to Germany this winter as part of a U.S. military initiative to reassure U.S. allies in Eastern Europe in the face of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The troops mainly worked at the Grafenwöhr training ground.

According to Tomassi, the brigade commanders took disciplinary action “to make sure the soldiers understand the rules of the host country.”

Alcohol use by members of the armed forces has been considered a major issue in the military for many years due to concerns that it could lead to misbehavior both on and off the base.

However, some high-ranking rank and file officials are beginning to suggest that the army consider whether easing restrictions on drinking in the barracks could reduce the likelihood of off-base misconduct, according to an army spokesman.

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