UK bans adidas sports bras over bare breasts

The apparel company’s promotional material for its sports bras, released in February, contained a grid of photographs of various women’s bare breasts. The images that appeared in the tweet and two posters were meant to highlight body diversity and Adidas’ efforts to cater to the needs of all shapes and sizes.

The ASA said it received 24 complaints about the ad.

Some thought the use of nudity was unjustified, objectifying women by sexualizing them and reducing them to body parts, according to an ASA ruling posted online on Wednesday. Others have disputed whether the advertisements are suitable for display where children can see them.

Both complaints were upheld and the advertisements should not reappear on the forms complained of, authorities said.

The ASA stated that it “accepted that the intent of the advertisement was to show that women’s breasts varied in shape and size, which was relevant to the sports bras advertised.”

The authorities said they did not believe that the way the women were portrayed was overtly sexual or objectified.

But he added: “We felt that the depiction of bare breasts was likely to be seen as explicit nudity. We noted that breasts were the focus of the ads, and less attention was given to the bras themselves, which were only mentioned in the ads. accompanying text.

The ASA added, “Because the ad contained explicit nudity, we felt it required careful targeting so as not to offend those who viewed it.”

Adidas supported the campaign.

In a statement to CNN Business on Thursday, Adidas said: “The gallery art was designed to show how diverse breasts are, with different shapes and sizes highlighting why personalized support is paramount.

“Importantly, the ASA’s decision was related to the misuse of this creative, and not to the creative itself and the message that we proudly stand for.”

Controversial ad divides opinion

The Adidas campaign went viral in February.

The company attached the announcement to its Twitter page link to the bra collection. The ad slogan was: #SupportIsEverything.

“We believe that women’s breasts of all shapes and sizes deserve support and comfort,” the Adidas ad campaign says. “That’s why our new line of sports bras includes 43 models, so everyone can find the right fit for them.”

Adidas also ran a poster showing the same cropped images of 62 women’s bare breasts and stating, “The reasons we didn’t make just one new sports bra.”

Another poster featured the same text and cropped images of 64 women, but their nipples were pixelated.

Women and men on Twitter praised Adidas’ marketing gimmick – with apparently mixed reactions.

Some Twitter users, mostly female consumers, said they would rather see bras than breasts. Others said the ad was inappropriate or that it took them by surprise and confused them. And some users said it was bold and applauded Adidas for it.

Pariah Kavilanz contributed reporting.

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