Tiger crisis: WHO chief says lack of help for tiger is due to skin color

Calling it “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis” with 6 million people unable to access basic services, Tedros emotionally asked why this situation is not getting the same attention as the conflict in Ukraine.

“Perhaps the reason is the color of people’s skin,” Tedros of Tigray said at a virtual media briefing on Wednesday. In April this year, at a briefing, he wondered whether “black and white lives” are given equal attention around the world in emergencies.

Fighting between Ethiopian and Tigray forces has left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands facing severe food shortages. according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center.

Last year, the crisis set the world record for displacement in a single year, causing more than 5.1 million displacements.

WHO Director of Emergencies Mike Ryan also noted a clear lack of concern about the drought and famine unfolding in the Horn of Africa and the ensuing health crisis.

“No one seems to care what happens in the Horn of Africa,” Ryan said, speaking at a virtual media briefing on Wednesday.

The WHO has requested $123.7 million to address the health problems caused by growing malnutrition in a region of about 200 million people and millions undernourished.

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