‘She’s my guardian angel’: DoorDasher saved Massachusetts woman’s life while delivering pizza

Karyn Hebert Sullivan called for a late dinner on Feb. 11, and DoorDash driver Sophia Furtado delivered the order to an address in the small community of West Island Fairhaven, located on Buzzards Bay, about 20 miles southeast of Fall River.

“It was a normal night for me,” Furtado told CNN on Thursday. “My shift is almost over.”

But when she got home around 10 p.m., she noticed Sullivan lying on the ground outside, bleeding from his head. Sullivan, who had previously suffered an arm injury and a sore knee, was waiting outside to give birth.

When she turned around, she said that her arm and knee had given up. She fell and hit her head on the way down.

“I just remember lying in my driveway thinking, ‘It’s almost over,’” Sullivan recalled. “I lay there and saw a lot of white clouds.”

Furtado has medical knowledge gained during his training as an emergency medical technician, but did not pass the National Registry test. She noticed that Sullivan’s blood had congealed and assumed that she had been lying outside for about 15 to 20 minutes.

“Karin didn’t answer and her eyes kept rolling back,” Furtado said, “I felt like I was going to lose her.”

Sullivan’s husband Robert was sleeping in the house, but was awakened by Furtado’s cries for help. She told him to get some supplies when she dialed 911.

According to officer Gillian Jodoin of the Fairhaven Police Department, Furtado spoke to a dispatcher while he was assisting.

“At this point, Sophia became part of our team to help Karin.” Jodoin told CNN, “I asked her if she could continue to stabilize Karin’s neck to save her spine, she replied, ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ “

Shortly thereafter, officers and medics began to arrive. Furtado stayed with her until Sullivan was taken to the hospital.

Sullivan said she was in the hospital for three weeks after the incident and suffered two severe brain hemorrhages. Robert and her daughter Veronica were by her side all the time. At one point, she said that the two of them waited until 2 am to see if she could make it.

Recovery, awards and friendship

After a hospital stay, Sullivan returned home in March. “I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t write, I could barely walk,” she said. Although she was considered fully recovered at the end of March, she is still working on some things after losing 60% of her hearing and is now able to drive short distances.

Despite the terrible experience, Sullivan and Furtado became friends during the trauma.

“I’m so grateful for her, she’s my guardian angel,” Sullivan said, “thank God she was there, if she wasn’t there I’d be dead.” They both got to know each other’s families, and Sullivan even gave Furtado’s two children Easter gifts.

Furtado received $1,000 from DoorDash and a life-saving award from the Fairhaven Police Department.

Furtado was recognized at a ceremony on Wednesday. DoorDash gave her a $1,000 educational grant.

“We are incredibly grateful to Ms. Furtado for intervening at a critical time and are delighted that the client has since recovered safely.” A spokesperson for DoorDash told CNN: “Ms. Furtado’s care and prompt response was nothing short of heroic and we are honored that we were able to express our appreciation for her great efforts.”

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Fairhaven Police also presented her with a lifesaving award.

“Sofia took action, alerted Robert, activated the emergency response system, delivered the necessary materials, provided assistance and helped the officers simplify the collection of information. She saved a life.” The FPD made the announcement to CNN in a written statement.

The recognition came as a surprise to Furtado.

“I didn’t expect this at all,” she said, “I would do it for anyone.”

Furtado was previously a DoorDash driver and returned to work in January. She said she hopes to use the money to increase the number of EMT schools as her family becomes more financially stable. She and Sullivan added that they would continue to keep in touch and plan to meet again.

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