Plane crash in China: All 132 people on board the plane died in the crash on Monday

The Boeing 737 crashed in the mountains of southern China’s Guangxi region on Monday afternoon, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC). It was on its way from the southwestern city of Kunming to Guangzhou when it lost contact over the city of Wuzhou. There were 123 passengers and nine crew members on board, the CAAC said in a statement posted online.

The cause of the crash has not yet been established. The discovery of the cockpit voice recorder on Wednesday could provide clues to how the disaster unfolded. It is one of two so-called “black boxes” that investigators are still searching for the flight data recorder.

The airline and its subsidiaries have temporarily grounded 223 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, airline spokesman Liu Xiaodong said at a press conference on Thursday.

Landing planes are undergoing safety checks and maintenance to ensure they are safe to fly, he said. He added that after the crash, the airline began a major overhaul.

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