Nicaraguan opposition leader Suazo sentenced to 10 years in prison

The verdict was handed down by Judge Ulisa Tapia Silva in the court of the capital Managua. He was sentenced to five years in prison for conspiracy to undermine national integrity and another five years for spreading false news, as well as a fine of about $1,500, the group said.

CENIDH, of which Suazo was director, denounced the verdict as unfair. He called the hearing a “judicial farce” and said the authorities repeatedly violated “guarantees of due process”.

In Nicaragua, trials of opposition leaders usually take place behind closed doors without the presence of journalists. According to CENIDH, only Suazo’s lawyer was present at the hearing.

Suazo’s lawyer Manor Curtis said he would appeal the verdict.

Police arrested Suazo on May 18 this year at his parents’ home in the western city of Masaya, where massive anti-government protests took place four years ago.

Suazo was detained for nearly a year in 2018 for participating in demonstrations but was released in 2019 under an amnesty law that pardoned the protesters.

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