Mexican truck drivers block major entry point between US and Mexico to protest Texas border checks

Reinosa Mayor Carlos Peña Ortiz declined to comment on the matter.

Last week, Abbott’s office announced several actions in response to President Joe Biden’s plans to repeal Section 42, a Trump-era pandemic policy that effectively prevented migrants from seeking asylum in the US at the end of May.

The strategies, according to an Abbott office statement, are designed to “reduce the flow of drugs, human traffickers, illegal immigrants, weapons and other contraband into Texas” and include “heightened security checks” for commercial vehicles entering the US through US ports. TX entry.

The DPS did not answer a question from CNN if any commercial drivers were accused of human smuggling or drug-related crimes, but said they had screened 2,685 commercial vehicles at some ports of entry on the Texas-Mexico border as of Sunday and had placed 646 cars. they have been taken out of service due to “serious safety violations”, including faulty brakes, tires and lighting.

Texas border checks are seen as redundant by at least two major trade groups, who say the new policy is already wreaking havoc on the border.

“The addition of an additional Texas DPS check after trucks have crossed the border is causing major delays without a commensurate increase in border security,” Lance Jungmeyer, Fresh Food Association of America, wrote Abbott on Saturday.

“More than $9 billion worth of food is being traded through Texas,” he wrote, adding that the newly announced border control policy has “majorly impacted trade” across the state.

On Sunday, the president of the Border Trade Alliance, a nonprofit organization representing a network of more than 4.2 million public and private sector representatives affected by U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade relations, issued a statement warning that Abbott’s policies could lead to to up consumer prices.

“We oppose any action at the state level that results in the screening process duplicating screenings already conducted by US Customs and Border Protection,” Britton Mullen said in a statement.

“While border states like Texas have an important role to play in truck safety and compliance, the state should work in partnership with CBP and not get involved in a new screening scheme that will slow cargo moving, which will only make matters worse. supply chain crisis in the country and put more upward pressure on consumer prices.”

CNN reached out to the Abbott office for a response to criticism of their new policy and bottleneck at the border.

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