Meet the chef who cooks for the President of France

In the gilded halls of the Elysee Palace, sommelier Carlton McCoy meets with chef Francis Augé, who is tasked with feeding French President Emmanuel Macron.

Aage, who has served four presidents, is a master of gourmet cuisine. From his pinstriped MILF to his sculpted beef rubber boots, precision and elegance are indispensable in Oge’s kitchen.

“The house does not operate like a regular restaurant or a regular hotel,” he said. “This is the first house in France, and we are like an exhibition for the whole world.”

His refined and classic style is a form of cooking that has been somewhat diminished in modern France. “What I have noticed is that most of the famous chefs you see today are influenced by their grandmother or mother. And I have a different path,” said Aage, a first-generation immigrant.

He moved to Paris from Africa with his mother at age 9 and grew up in the suburbs of the city. “When you’re a kid, you have dreams,” he told McCoy on an episode of the CNN original series Nomad. “Even if I can’t get to him, I tried.”

Watch a clip of the master at work here.

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