Man rescued from tunnel believed to be planned bank robbery: Rome police

Local police said Friday they suspect the man was part of a gang of four who were allegedly planning to carry out the robbery this weekend, when the Italian capital is relatively quiet due to the public holiday of Ferragosto.

The press service of the Carabinieri police told CNN that officers arrived at the collapsed tunnel on Thursday after receiving reports that a person was under the rubble.

Shortly after their arrival, they arrested two people suspected of trying to leave the area by car and a fourth man separately.

Rescuers spent eight hours trying to free the stranded man, who remains under medical supervision at the San Camillo hospital in Rome.

Lawyer Carmine Pascaros, who represents the two men arrested in the car, told CNN the couple were charged with resisting arrest and are not currently under investigation for other crimes.

He said the two men denied any involvement with the man rescued from the rubble. According to Pascaros, the two men said they were passing by the area “accidentally” when the man asked for help and took them to an empty store where the entrance to the tunnel was.

Once they realized what had happened, they called for rescuers before leaving the scene, he added.

Pascarosa confirmed that a fourth person was under investigation and charged, along with the wounded man, in connection with the tunnel collapse.

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