Malaysia has confiscated elephant tusks, tiger bones and other parts of animals sold worth $18 million.

Authorities found about six tons of ivory tusks and other animal parts in the state’s western port of Selangor on Sunday.

Parts of the animals are believed to have been shipped from Africa, Malaysian Customs Director General Zazuli Johan said on Monday.

Malaysian customs has shared photos showing a pile of tusks and other animal parts, including an animal skull and jewelry that appears to be made of ivory.

Malaysia is one of several countries in Southeast Asia that conservationists have identified as a major transit point for the illegal trafficking of endangered wildlife, which is destined for other Asian countries, mainly China.

Seized pangolin scales in Port Klang, Malaysia on July 18.

Many of these animal parts, such as lion bones, are used in traditional medicine. Pangolins, scaled insectivores about the size of a domestic cat, are highly valued for their meat and scales, are considered a delicacy and prized in traditional medicine, and are hunted to the limit.

In 2020, the Chinese government removed pangolin scales from its list of approved ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine, in what campaigners called an important step towards saving the world’s most trafficked mammal.

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