Israeli woman sentenced to death in UAE for possession of cocaine

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “The matter is known and we are dealing with it through the consular service and our representatives in the Emirates.” He declined to comment further.

Israeli media reported that Kivan, who owns a photography studio in Haifa in northern Israel, came to Dubai for work about a year ago. She was arrested a week after police found cocaine in the apartment she was staying in. Kevan reportedly claimed the drugs weren’t hers.

CNN has reached out to the UAE Foreign Ministry for comment.

Death sentences are rarely carried out in the UAE. Ziv Agmon, an Israeli lawyer specializing in Emirati law who is not involved in the case, told CNN he expects UAE courts to commute the sentence. He added that there is no official repatriation agreement between the UAE and Israel.

The establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE as part of the Abraham Accords signed in 2020 has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of Israeli visitors to the UAE. Not all of them were tourists and businessmen. “Our office in Dubai has noticed an increase in criminal cases involving Israeli citizens,” Agmon said. “Israelis need to understand that the judiciary in Dubai takes drug cases seriously.”

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