Florida MPs rescue 1-year-old girl, mother and grandmother from Orlando apartment fire

The baby and her mother tried to escape after a fire broke out at the Isles at East Millenia complex, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Deputies arrived at the scene shortly before 4:15 a.m. and found a mother and child on a third-floor balcony with flames coming from the apartment, a press release said.

Deputy William Puzynski went up to the balcony of the second floor, snatched the baby from his mother and lowered him to the ground with other deputies, as seen on the video.

“Immediately before climbing the building, MP Puzynski removed his heavy outer body armor to which his camera is attached to make it easier for him to climb. It’s an amazing irony that the camera was able to capture what happened next. “, the release says.

“When I arrived here, we saw that the building was completely consumed. Chaos reigned everywhere,” Puzynski said. CNN affiliate WKMG. After handing over the child to his partners, Puzinsky was also helped down, he told the news agency.

“Then when my mom came and found me, she actually hugged me, so that was helpful,” he said. “It’s a different feeling. Sometimes in the evening you go home and you don’t really know if you’ve made a difference, but in those situations you feel it.”

The child’s mother and grandmother were rescued using a ladder, the sheriff’s office said. According to official figures, there were no casualties or deputies as a result of the fire.

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