Eurovision: who has already reached the Grand Final

The Grand Final is due to take place on Saturday after the second of two semi-finals due to take place on Thursday in Turin, Italy.

After the competition on Tuesday, musicians representing the following countries: Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova and the Netherlands.

The Kalush Orchestra, which represents Ukraine, has a good chance of winning, according to Johnny Weir, who reported on the US music competition on streaming service Peacock.

Back in February, Eurovision organizers gave in to public pressure and decided that Russia would not be allowed to participate in the contest. The European Broadcasting Union, which organizes the competition, initially decided that it would allow the performer to represent the country, despite the country’s invasion of Ukraine. He changed course in less than 24 hours.

“This decision reflects concerns that, in light of the unprecedented crisis in Ukraine, the inclusion of a Russian entry in this year’s competition will damage the competition’s reputation,” the statement said at the time.

Ukraine and other countries have asked the European Broadcasting Union to ban Russia’s participation.

The Kalush Orchestra finished second in the Ukrainian national final but won the public vote. They were ultimately chosen to replace Alina Pash, who dropped out of the contest due to controversy over her trip to Russian-controlled Crimea.

Seventeen countries made it to the first round of the semi-finals, and 18 are ready to advance to the next stage.

In the final, the 20 qualifying countries will compete alongside the so-called “big five” (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom), countries that automatically qualify for the final. The host country also gets a place in the final, but this year the host country, Italy, has already been included.

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