Discover it® Cashback Overview

0% initial APR for 15 months for purchases – In addition to a high cash back rate, this card also offers a very competitive 0% APR introductory offer. The transition rate is applied after the introductory period. This can be a smart way to fund larger purchases, or just if you’re stranded and want to avoid interest in 2023.

0% per annum for balance transfer –– The same duration of 0% per annum for 15 months applies to balance transfers. The transition rate is applied after the introductory period. If you have credit card debt, you can transfer it to that card to avoid having more than a year of interest on that transferred balance. In addition, you can use the cashback received from the card to pay off the previous debt.

Get up to 5% cashback — Cardholders receive 5% cashback on daily purchases at different locations each quarter such as, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, up to $1,500 per quarter on purchases and upon activation. Activating a category is simple: Discover will send you an email before each quarter, and then you just activate it with one click. All other purchases earn 1% cashback.

Unlimited Cashback Match Signup Bonus — This is my favorite card bonus, unique and very valuable. Discover will automatically refund all the money you earned at the end of the first year to new cardholders, which can help lead to a truly incredible amount of money back in your pocket.

$0 annual fee — Credit cards loaded with valuable features tend to charge high annual fees, but not this card.

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