Crush in Nigeria: more than 30 people, including children, died in Port Harcourt

Most of the victims are children.

The incident took place at a local polo club where a nearby Assembly of Kings church organized a donation drive, according to Olufemi Ayodele, regional spokesman for the Nigerian Civil Defense Corps.

“There was a stampede during the distribution of gifts due to overcrowding,” he said. “The victims were mostly children.”

According to state police spokeswoman Grace Woengikuro Iringe-Koko, traffic had not yet begun when the stampede occurred. Voengikuro Iringe-Koko said that the crowd rushed into the hall even though the gates were closed, resulting in a fatal attack.

According to Voengikuro Iringe-Koko, 31 people have been confirmed dead. She added that after the incident, seven victims were hospitalized.

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