Coke draws inspiration from McDonald’s for its latest flavor

The latest product from Coca-Cola Creations – the innovative Coke platform that brought us starlight and pixel-flavored sodas – is the result of a collaboration with Marshmello, the masked DJ and electronic music producer.

If you think the artist worked with Coca-Cola to create a marshmallow flavored drink, you’re wrong. Instead, the new fragrance features notes of strawberry and watermelon favored by Marshmello.

“For our third edition of Coca-Cola Creations, we aimed to add an unexpected remix of flavors to the great taste of Coca-Cola,” said Oana Vlad, the company’s senior director of global strategy, in a statement announcing the collaboration on Wednesday.

“We’ve created a vibrant blend of my favorite flavors in this brand new blend,” Marshmello said in a statement. “I think it tastes amazing and I hope the fans enjoy it too.”

The new flavor, which is also available in a sugar-free range, will be available for purchase starting July 11 in the US for a limited time. It will be offered in other countries later this summer.

This is vital for Coca Cola (knockout), which has discontinued beloved but outdated drinks such as Tab, Odwalla and Honest Tea in order to appeal to younger consumers with its staple, Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola Creations, which releases digital products along with limited edition flavors, is here to help.

So far, fragrances have been… abstract.

The Starlight was “space-inspired,” the company said in February, describing it as having “notes that are reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire, as well as a cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold trip into space.”

Byte, the second option, “makes the intangible taste of the pixel feel tangible,” Vlad said when it launched in April.

Compared to space and pixels, strawberries and watermelons are completely mundane. And the idea of ​​partnering with food artists with their favorite flavors is not new, at least in the world of fast food.

McDonald’s (MKD) has found success with its celebrity meals, versions of artist’s preferred orders that are available for a limited time. The burger chain has teamed up with Travis Scott, BTS and Saweetie, among others. Burger King followed suit with their celebrities.

According to the company, this is the first time for Coca-Cola to create a drink with an artist.

The new flavor is being fully digitally processed by Coca-Cola Creations.

On July 9th, ahead of launch, it will appear on the Marshmello Twitch channel. And from July 25, those who get their hands on the jar will be able to scan the QR code on the package to get to the Coca-Cola Creation website. According to the company, “AI technology will transform their emotions while listening to the latest Marshmello track into a personalized piece of digital art.”

There was a holographic Ava Max gig for Starlight. And Byte was introduced to consumers in Fortnite, a testament to the importance of gamers to food and beverage companies.

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