Cat lovers can try cat-inspired dishes at Italian pop-up Fancy Feast.

Gatto Bianco, meaning “white cat”, is described by Fancy Feast as an “Italian-style trattoria”. news release from Purina, which makes Fancy Feast.
Human-friendly dishes were inspired by the new “potpourri” a line of cat food that features options such as “Beef Stew with Tomatoes and Pasta in Spicy Sauce Recipe” for cats with discerning tastes.

Only a lucky few will get the chance to try the Gatto Bianco pop-up, nestled between the Manhattan village of Far West and the Meatpacking District. The experience is limited to a total of 16 guests, each of whom will receive a complimentary tasting menu for free. The menu was designed by Fancy Feast staff chef Amanda Hassner and New York restaurateur Cesare Casella, Purina noted.

“Food has the power to connect us with others in a meaningful way and take us to places we’ve never been,” Hassner said in a Purina press release. “The same applies to our cats. Meals at Gatto Bianco are prepared in a way that helps cat owners understand how their cats perceive food – from taste to texture to shape – in a way that only Fancy Feast can.”

This isn’t Fancy Feast’s first attempt at human dinner. In 2021, the company released a cookbook with recipes that cat lovers can make to pair with their cat food.

For those who cannot get into the reservation, the company will post the recipes on its website.

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