Brazilian court orders Bolsonaro to pay journalist compensation for sexist remarks

The President of Brazil has publicly stated that Patricia Campos Mello, a reporter for the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, offered sex in exchange for information about the investigation into the 2018 Brazilian presidential election. In response, Campos Mello sued Bolsonaro.

The Sao Paulo court ruled in favor of Campos Mello on Wednesday with a score of 4-1.

“Victory for all of us women. I thank brilliant [attorney Tais Gasparian] and all of you for mobilization, without you this would not have been possible,” Campos Mello tweeted on Wednesday.

CNN has reached out to the public relations department of the Brazilian president for comment.

In March 2021, the court ruled to award Campos Mello 20,000 reais ($3,800) in damages. Bolsonaro filed an appeal following this decision.

Mello also won a case in early 2021 against the president’s son in lawsuits that echoed his father. Eduardo Bolsonaro was ordered to pay 30,000 reais (approximately $5,210) after he alleged that Campos Mello “tried to seduce” sources to get information that could harm his father.

In his verdict, the judge said that Eduardo Bolsonaro should be more careful in his comments, given his political role and as the president’s son.

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