Boeing delivers a 737 Max to one of the airlines involved in the fatal plane crash

The other airline that suffered a fatal crash involving Max, Lion Air of Indonesia, has yet to take a new supply of Max.

Boeing reported the delivery as part of its June orders and delivery report. Overall, it was also the busiest month for 737 Max deliveries since the flight ban ended at the end of 2020, with 43 aircraft delivered to customers. It was also the busiest month for any commercial Boeing aircraft delivery since March 2019, when 51 aircraft were delivered.

This is a sign that aircraft demand is returning to pre-crisis levels. So far, Boeing has delivered 443 737 MAX aircraft since the end of service, with 181 delivered this year, compared to 105 delivered in the first half of 2021.

The Ethiopian did not respond to a request for comment on receiving the delivery. Its website lists four 737 Max aircraft in the fleet and 24 more on order. It is not clear how the June delivery will affect these numbers. The airline also has 27 older versions of the 737 Max in its fleet.

The purchase was criticized by Robert Clifford, an attorney for the families of the victims of the plane crash.

“This is really disappointing – a sad reminder for the families of the crash victims almost three and a half years later, knowing that the Boeing Max will fly again even in Ethiopia, where the crash occurred,” he said.

Boeing has faced many challenges in recent years, in addition to the drop in demand for passenger aircraft that occurred during the pandemic. The company is still awaiting approval to restart deliveries of the 787 wide-body passenger jets that have been halted due to quality control issues.

Deliveries are critical to Boeing’s bottom line, as it earns most of its money from airline sales at the time of delivery. Analysts polled by Refinitiv predict another small loss for Boeing when it releases second-quarter results later this month.

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