Belgian carnival crash: Car crashes into crowd, killing six

Another 10 people were sent to nearby hospitals with life-threatening injuries, while 27 were “slightly injured,” Deputy Crown Attorney Damien Verheijen said.

As a group of carnival goers marched towards the city center, “a car came out from behind at high speed and crashed into the group, crushing a large number of people, continuing on its way before stopping a little further,” Mayor La Louviere said. Jacques Gobert told reporters.

According to Verheijen, the two men in the car, both from La Louviere, born in 1988 and 1990, were arrested. He added that a “factual reconstruction” would be carried out to ascertain the vehicle’s exact route and possible motives.

The incident happened at 5 am local time. Strepi-Bracken is located 50 km south of Brussels.

Contrary to earlier reports, there was no evidence that a police chase led to the incident, the officers said. They also said that so far “no elements” have shown that the incident “may be considered a terrorist attack.”

Authorities said five ambulances and 16 ambulances were dispatched to the scene to transport victims to various hospitals in the region, and 70 people were evacuated from the scene without being hurt.

King Philippe of Belgium and Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo were expected to visit the scene on Sunday at 4:00 pm local time.

De Croo wrote on Twitter that “his thoughts were with the victims and their families.”

“Terrible news from Strepi-Brackenya. The community that gathered to celebrate this event hit the heart, ”he wrote.

Interior Minister Annelis Verlinden also tweeted her condolences to “the families and loved ones of those who died and were injured” in the incident.

“What was supposed to be a friendly party turned into a tragedy. We are closely monitoring the situation,” she wrote. tweet.

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