At least three people have died in an alleged terrorist attack in Israel

Police said the incident, which took place on Israel’s Independence Day, involved two suspected attackers. According to police, one fired a rifle and another attacked people with an ax or a knife.

The suspects have yet to be apprehended and have urged the public to stay away from the scene, according to Israeli police.

“At the moment, checkpoints have been set up on various roads along with a helicopter to search for a vehicle that was seen fleeing the scene,” a police spokesman said.

Footage from the scene shows several emergency vehicles, including ambulances and motorcycles.

Two wounded were taken to the Beilinson hospital, the hospital said. According to him, one of them is in critical condition, another is in serious condition.

“This is a very difficult event. When we arrived at the scene, we noticed that it was a difficult scene,” Israeli Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency response paramedic Alon Rizkan said in a statement.

All three of the victims were men in their 40s, Rizkan said.

According to Rizkan, two men aged 60 and 35 were seriously injured. He added that a 40-year-old man was moderately injured and a 23-year-old man received minor injuries.

This attack is the latest in a series of violent incidents that have brought Israel and the Palestinian territories to a standstill in recent weeks.

CNN estimates that dozens of people have died in attacks in Israel and the West Bank since March 22.

In one case, two people were killed and more than a dozen injured in a shooting at a bar in a busy area of ​​Tel Aviv.

And in just one week in March, 11 people were killed in three attacks in Israeli cities.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned Thursday’s violence, his office said in a statement.

“The killing of Palestinian and Israeli civilians only leads to a further deterioration of the situation at a time when we are all striving to achieve stability and prevent escalation,” Abbas said in a statement.

Abbas warned Jewish settlers against using the incident as a pretext “to launch attacks and retaliate against our Palestinian people.”

He added that “a lasting, comprehensive and just peace is the shortest and best way to ensure security and stability for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples and the peoples of the region.”

On Thursday evening, Palestinian militant groups in Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Jihad praised the alleged terrorist attack but did not explicitly attribute it.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum linked the attack to clashes outside the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

Five people shot dead near Tel Aviv, the third attack in Israel in a week

“This is a brave and heroic act that is a natural response to the violations by the occupation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” he told CNN, referring to the Israeli security presence in the complex.

This attack “sends a signal to the occupiers that all their crimes and violations will only come back to them,” he said, referring to Israel. “Our natural right for our people is to respond to the crimes of occupation, deter them and protect our rights. Today, the occupation is paying the bill for its violations.”

Muhammad Hamid Abu Al-Hassan, a member of the Islamic Jihad Politburo, congratulated the attackers.

“The desecration by the occupying army and the settler gangs of the Al-Aqsa Mosque has crossed all red lines, and our people will continue to respond to this aggression,” he said, referring to the clashes that took place on the compound on Thursday.

Only Muslims are allowed to visit the holy site, called by the Jews the Temple Mount and the Haram al-Sharif or Noble Sanctuary of Muslims, during the last 10 days of Ramadan each year. Groups of Israeli Jews began to arrive again on Thursday.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said Thursday’s alleged terrorist attack appears to be “the latest in a string of heinous terrorist attacks that have rocked Israel in recent weeks.”

“We saw them before this sacred period – the confluence of Easter, Pesach, Ramadan. We saw them before the negev summit. And if it’s what it seems, then we condemn it.” in the strongest terms,” Price said.

“Our commitment to our Israeli partners, the security of Israel is unwavering, and we will provide any assistance that may be required in this case,” he added.

Jennifer Hansler and Jorge Engels of CNN contributed to the report.

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