Andy Murray defends use of a daring underhand serve in Wimbledon opener against James Duckworth

Following his 4–6 6–3 6–2 6–4 victory, Murray explained in the post-match press conference that the decision to use the unusual shot that his friend and fellow tennis player Nick Kyrgios used more often was a tactical shot. one.

Surprisingly, Murray’s serve wasn’t particularly accurate, too high and too long, but he still won the point.

“He [Duckworth] changed position for return, that’s why I did it,” Murray told reporters. He stood very close to return. He resisted a bit on the first serve, so he retreated perhaps two meters further. As soon as I saw that he stepped back even further, I served from under the arm (from under the arm).

“Personally, I have no problem with players using it. I’ve never had. Of course, more and more players started to come back because of being further, further from the baseline to gain an advantage for the return.

“An underarm serve is a way of saying, ‘If you’re going to take a step back, then I might add that.

There seems to be an unusual notion among a small minority of tennis players that an underhand serve is somewhat disrespectful to an opposing player. Murray disagrees.

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“I don’t know why people would ever consider it potentially disrespectful,” he said. “I never understood this. This is a legal submission. I would never use an underarm serve if someone was on the back line because I think it’s a stupid idea because they’re going to track it and it’s easy to get it. .

“If they are standing four or five meters from the back line, then why don’t you try to bring them forward if it is inconvenient for them to return there? Tactically, this is a smart game. from six meters, from any point, five meters behind the end line, to try to gain an advantage.

“So I didn’t use it to disrespect him, but to say, ‘If you’re going to step back even further to bring back the pitch to give yourself more time, then I’ll take advantage of that.’

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