Afghanistan: Nearly 100 killed in Afghan floods, officials say

Deaths have occurred in 10 provinces in the past 10 days, authorities said, as the country recovers from an economic and humanitarian crisis exacerbated by Western sanctions following the Taliban’s return to power last year.

Deputy Minister of Disaster Management Mavlavi Sharafuddin Muslim told CNN that emergency food aid has been sent to many flood-hit areas and aid organizations have promised to deliver emergency aid, but this may not be enough.

“Winter is coming soon and these affected families, including women and children, are homeless. All their agricultural farms and orchards have either been completely destroyed or their crops have been damaged,” Muslim said.

“If these people are not helped to return to normal life, their situation will definitely worsen in the coming weeks and months.”

Afghanistan has recently been hit by a number of natural disasters and extreme weather events, including an earthquake in June that killed more than 1,000 people.

Muslim called on aid organizations, the United Nations and the global community to help the flood-affected Afghans, not only in the form of emergency aid such as food, shelter and medicine, but also in the long term as many people have lost their homes, livelihoods and drink. water sources.

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